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Basement Drain Clogged


Mostly, the basement drains are clogged by dirt or scum which may slow down the flow of water or overflow of the sinks , bathtubs and even toilets present in the house which are channeled within the drainage system of in which the basement drainage is connected.

As you are all aware that the basement drains serves a great purpose in the drainage system in our home as it is meant to channel all the waste water from the laundry, sinks toilets and other places to the sewer. For this reason, it has to be treated with care by ensuring that it is always clear from clogs and other debris which may interfere with it.


What clogs the Basement drain?


You should know the basement floor drain is the final destination or final stop for all the drainage pipes in your home. For the drain to get clogged, it is unusual, especially when there are some nasty objects which are trapped within the pipes. If you follow the correct procedure to clear the basement drain, then you should not worry about calling a plumber to fix anything for you.


How to clean a clogged basement drain


  1. To start with, ensure that you have the necessary plumbing tools, and then put on your protective gears. If there is standing water present in your base flow, fetch it out by using a bucket.
  2. Secondly, you need to search for clean-out since it is the only way to get rid of the clog with ease. Use your hand dandy wrench to remove its plug or lead and then get your plumbing snake ready.
  3. Now, insert your snake into the clean out, just a few feet of it. In order to add some pressure as you use the snake, you need to pour some amount of water into the drain. This will also help in washing away some tiny pieces of sediments, scum and dirt broken by the snake.
  4. Now you need to turn on the crank of the snake. Do this in a clockwise manner in order to push the auger further. For the snake to go on with breaking the object that are trapped in the pipe, you need to pull and push it a little bit in a continuous manner until the path is clear, depending upon whatever clogged your system
  5. When the snake cannot longer move in, it is because of the nastiness and the difficult nature of the clog. You are needed to slowly pull out the tool and see if the substances can be hooked out. Get the bucket ready to dispose the waste materials.
  6. If you were successful in hooking out the clog, then that is great! You should proceed with the cleaning process or else you will have to begin and repeat the snake process. When you are done, pour hot water in the drain. This will clean the pipes by washing away and clearing out any sediment or other waste materials that remains or cling on the pipes’ wall.
Basement Drain Clogged


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