Basement Waterproofing in Toronto and Mississauga
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Bitumen-Based Adhesive Membrane


This is one of the most simple and cheap methods, and thus a common method of foundation waterproofing. During the construction phase of the foundation waterproofing work is carried out in the trench by plastering the exterior walls of the foundation with hot bitumen and adhering a protective membrane on top.

This method has several disadvantages:

  • It is fragile. Care should be taken to protect this type of waterproofing otherwise any stone can destroy the entire defense;
  • Limited service life – about 5-6 years, then the material is destroyed;
  • Waterproofing the basement with this method is not the most effective – in practice, every third basement turns into a swamp.

Bitumen waterproofing is advisable to apply as an additional waterproofing of the foundation, in combination with more reliable waterproofing systems.

Dewatering (Drainage) System with Pump Mechanism

Often drainage and a sump pump are the best way to correct the situation. It should be noted that this method is technically very complex and requires professional knowledge and skills, as well as:

  • Regular maintenance;
  • Additional reservoir to drain water;
  • Permanent power consumption.

Waterproofing buildings with this method is effective, but it is worth remembering a few things. Firstly, electric pump and automatic valve should always be kept in good condition. Secondly, it must be ensured that the drainage channels are not blocked; otherwise the effect will be counterproductive. Biggest concern is that in case of failure of the dewatering system the basement will be flooded. This is why it is vital to employ highly skilled professionals that will minimize the risk of failure.


Crack Sealing


We locate and examine all cracks in the foundation, floor and walls and fill it with an injectable sealant. For poured walls, hydraulic cement is used and for block walls we use Elasti-Poxy sand mix for best results.  This method restores the problem areas to a like-new condition; filling all the micro voids in the concrete structure. Thus, the concrete ceases to be porous and itself becomes a reliable barrier from water.


Commitment to Our Clients


Our company policy – to work with only the best waterproofing materials using advanced technology in waterproofing. We know that every basement and client is unique that’s why we consider all factors- site conditions, budget, severity of the problem, longevity and more to come up with the best solution, specifically tailored to you.

Regardless of the severity of your wet basement we are always to ready to come to your aid. We will identify the source of the problem and provide a quick and affordable solution to satisfy your needs. Our team is fully licensed and insured and we provide a transferable, 25-year warranty so that you’re guaranteed to enjoy a dry basement for a long time. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

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