Cleaning clogged drains and Sink in Toronto and Missauggha
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Cleaning clogged drains and Sink


Any plumbing system that has stayed for a long time has to develop clogs and this cannot be prevented. The good news is that such a problem can be solved without inviting a plumber. What is required is to have the right tools and be a little serious and determined. If your effort becomes fruitless after several attempts, this is when you can invite a licensed plumber or contact a drain cleaning company. You should also remember that too much force exerted on the pipes can damage them beyond fixture.


Tools required for cleaning


The tools to be used in cleaning the clogs are affordable and you can purchase them in any hardware or store for your own use, it’s also possible for you to rent some. Below are some of the necessary tools and their purposes.

The first tool is plunge it’s used to clear clogs for most fixtures, sinks included.

Closet auger is another tool whose end is bent at a given angle to fit through the sharp curves of the toilet trap to clean the clog. Theirs is also power auger which uses electric power and it’s very effective when it comes to cutting and through and clearing any large clogs.

Other tools are screw drivers, plies, pipe wrench among others which you can ask and find in the hardware.


Cleaning a clogged sink and bathtubs


Minor clogs in the sink are mostly cleared by using plunger. First thing first, you should partially fill the sink with water then you can start plunging up and down vigorously for several times, then pull it off quickly to open the drain.

For double-bowl kitchen sinks, it’s advised to stuff wed rag into one of the drain opening while you plunge the other but for a bathtub, the rag is to be stuffed on the overflow hole.

If this does not work, use the cable auger, first remove the sink trap using the pipe wrench, remove the coupling on the PVC plastic trap, feed the cable in until it reaches the end, shake the cable in and out to clean and remove the clog as you add water to rinse the pipes.


Cleaning Toilet clogs


Clogs in the toilets will mostly take place at the top of the tight or at the up-curving trap which forms the part of the fixture. In some occasion, plunger can be powerful enough to clear the clog, what you need to do is to place the end of the auger into the bowl and its bend tip upwards, hold it steadily as you crank and pushing it down. You will be able to feel the cable snaking its way upwards and through the trap. Just go on with process until you dispense the cable. Simultaneously, crank and pull up the cable. Finally, flash the toilet to clean the clogs.

It is advised to repeat the process three times or more than that in order to clear any matter which is clinging to any of the sides of the trap.

Cleaning clogged drains and Sink


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