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Septic tank cleaning is an important task intended to keep your waste water system in a proper working condition. Septic tanks should be cleaned twice or even three times per year, to maintain its proper functioning. It is not cheap to clean septic tanks. But as the saying goes, it is better to repair a fracture than to build the entire bridge. Repairing a damaged tank can cost up to 10 times the cost of cleaning. Prevention is better than cure here. What you need to understand concerning septic tanks and their working are all clearly mentioned below this article.

A septic tank is not similar to urban sewer system. It is a house-by-house system. Its size depends on your home and is normally the final destination for all your home wastewater. Right away from your toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs and washing machine. They all have their wastes directed to the septic tank. Our tanks are working by the help of gravitational force. Usually, wastewater is carried slowly into the tank which is buried in the ground outside our homes. Wastewater is then carried form the tank to a drainage field using slope pipes.

To understand why cleaning is important, let’s look at how the tank works.

Solids in the tank usually sink to the bottom and end up forming a sludge layer.

Liquids are found in the middle and form a layer of mostly water.

Oils and fats are left at the top and form a scum of layer.

90 percent of the tank’s waste is majorly water. This implies that if water is left in excess then it could probably destroy the task’s performance within a particular period of time.

Generally, water flows through the tank for several days, while other materials on the bottom are acted upon by bacteria.

The sludge, found at the bottom of the tank needs to be removed and a thorough cleaning done. This should be done repeatedly after a specific period of time. We cannot entirely bank on bacteria when it comes to waste breakdown. This means that organic matter can probably build up to increase in number and eventually take more of the tank’s space. If water is therefore not enough, the sludge will back up into the leach field and may end up forming a tank failure.

Home owners are advised to store the sludge for transportation and safety discarding after cleaning the tank. We have witness professional tank cleaners come with a tank truck that will facilitate appropriate removal of tank contents. After all this, they transport the tank materials to a far place away place, and far your home.

Also, individuals are advised to get reputable providers to clean the tank for them. Look at the company that does septic cleaning together with other maintenance services. They are important because they can spot a damage in your tank and end up repairing and sorting out a small problem within the tank.

Before selecting the best provider, consider the price of services offered. The price should be fair to both of you. I.e. the sever and the client

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