Basement Drain Clogged
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Basement Drain Clogged


Every house or home which you may visit and find a basement, there must be a basement drain installed and if there is no basement, then waste water from the sink and laundry area will have a drain. The basement drain is meant for all water and waste from the home. These wastes are directed to the sewer by the drain.

Over a period of time, some materials may build up within the basement drain hence congesting the drain pipe which then becomes clogged. This is because the congestion will definitely back up and flow out of the basement drain.


How to clean a clogged drain


If the drain is clogged, there is a step by step procedure to follow and clean it just as explained below.


First step- Rule out the other pipes


Before you start to clear the clogged drain or any other drain, you have to be sure that there is no any other clog present in the other place in the home. From the basement, start working up as you flash all the toilets in the drainage system and running all the sinks at the same time. If you realize that the drains backup or your toilet doesn’t empty, then it is true that a clog is also present in those particular lines. If the clog is on the basement drain, then you will see an overflow on the drain cover.


Second Step-Unclogging the basement drain


After putting on the safety gears such as boots, gloves or some old clothing and being sure that you are now safe from any waste that may cause physical harm to you if you make contact with it, you should start by inspecting each toilet and drain by using the flashlight. Using the compressed air, loosen all debris that may have built up inside the respective pipes. The same can be done using plumber’s foam as they easily remove caked wastes. Use wet vacuum to remove any standing debris or water in the basement.


Step three- Unclogging the Basement drain


Now that you are aware that the problem is not on the other drains, turn your attention to the basement drain. Use a screwdriver or a wrench to remove the drain cup. About six inches from the basement drain, place the drain machine. Now pull out the cable and insert it into the basement drain. Now you need to set the machine to reverse before turning it on. Now, you should move the drain cleaning machine in backward and forward manner when you sense tension or any barrier against the line.


Note that if the machine stops completely, then you have to turn it on and then turn reverse the direction of the motor.

Now, you need to remove all the line as you put it back in the drum.

Finally, flash the toilets and run the sinks as you use the faucet again in ensuring that there is no any water that comes from the basement drain.

Clearing clogged drain


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