Clogged Drain repair Toronto and Mississauga area
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Clogged Drain repair Toronto 


If you have the right tools with you, you will be able to unclog a blocked drain without the help of a professional. Any plumbing system has to develop a clog – there is no way you can escape from that. In this article, we will take you through the clogged drain repair steps of a toilet, kitchen sink, bathtub and floor drain. These techniques that have been proved will be able to clear practically any clog after some trials. However, if you are defeated, admit and invite a licensed plumber. Using excessive force may lead to the permanent destruction of the pipe.

Having said that, the specialized tools for tackling clogs are cost friendly. You can get them at any home center or hardware store. Some can even be rented.

A plunger is the first plumbing tool that you will require. This tool can remove clogs from a number of fixtures, such as toilets, tubs and sinks. It is important for any home owner to have them within their reach.

A plumber’s snake or what we call the cable auger can effectively deal with the clogs that are found deep in the drain pipe. This flexible steel cable is long. It is wound on a spool on to which a hand crank is fitted. You can get cable augers of various lengths which as far as 100 ft.

A closet auger is specialized for the purpose of snaking the toilets. Just like the plumber’s snake, it also has a hand crank. The difference is that it lacks a spool. A rigid shaft is used to encase the cable. Basing on a specific angle, the auger is bent. This is to enable it go past the tight toilet trap curves.

Sometimes you may have a large clog that deep in the drain pipe. The electric power auger will be of great help here. This machine has the ability of clearing any clog that is an obstruction. Before you decide on having the electric auger in your home, the rent agent should have shown you on how I can be safely handled.

A plunger is efficient in unblocking minor sink clogs. After fitting the plunger on the drain opening, vigorously work it up and down a number of times and then pull. If your kitchen sink has a double bowl, put a wet rug in one drain and then plunge from the other. A bath sink will need you to the wet rug in the overflow hole. The rug is important in delivering pressure on to the clog.

In case the plunger fails to give you the desired results, the cable auger comes in handy. A pipe wrench will be used to do away with the sink trap. Just use your hands to unscrew the plastic traps. Having done that, the water in the trap is emptied into a bucket. See to it that the trap is free from clogs. Pass the cable into the drain it catches on to something then turn the crank anticlockwise.



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