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Clogged sink


A clog in the sink may be caused by garbage or foreign objects that may find their way in the sink drain. When you sink is clogged, you will only need to have some few and cheap tools and little practice in order to clear up the clog. This will only take you a period which is less than one hour to clear up even the most stubborn clogs in the drain.


How to free a clogged sink


In solving the issue of a clogged sink, there must be a correct procedure to follow in order to be successful, just as explained in the following subheadings.


  • Confirmed that you have the right tools


For any task to per undertaken, right working tools are required. Therefore, for the case of a clogged sink we will only require some two chap tools in order to clear this mess in less than an hour. The tools required are a plunger and a snake or auger a slip-joint pliers among others.


  • Use a plunger to clear the blockage


First, you are advised to fill the sink with water (around a third or a quarter of the sink is to be filled with water) for the plunger to seal around the drain. If you have a double drain sink, tightly hold a wet rag over the other drain opening or seal it by using a basket strainer, the continue plunging. Force water into the drain by rolling the head of the plunger into the water. For the last upstroke, pop off the plunger from the drain to allow extra pressure. Continue plunging for several times if water doesn’t swirl through the drain. Use a towel to wipe out the spilled water.


  • Clearing the P-trap


Since clogs occur in the P-trap arm of the sink drain, it should be disassembled and be cleaned up. In order to reduce the flow under the sink when pulling off the trap, you should begin by sponging water from the sink. Trap dirty water with a bucket. Use slip-joint pliers to loosen the slips gently.

Unscrew the slip nut between the T-trap and the one at the bottom of the water tee and clean out the clog. Reinstall it and test it by using hot or warm water. Use your hands to tight up the slip then quarterly, tight it using thee pliers to avoid breaking them.


  • Snake the sink line


Start by loosening the screw at the tip of the auger as you pull it out approximately 6 to 10 inches, tighten the screw then send the snake in the drain. Continue to feed the cable into the drain until you feel the obstacle. At this point, you should continue to pushing the cable as you rotate it to break through the clog as it finds its way in the obstruction. Flush water into the drain to wash out the broken pieces of the obstacle. Then pull out the snake in a slow manner as it may come out with the auger.

Clogged sink