Drain cleaning services in Toronto and Mississauga.
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Drain cleaning describes the use of chemical-based products to unblock sewer pipes and drains.

These drain cleaners can be in solid or liquid form and can easily be bought in nearby shops.

There are qualified and experienced plumbers who are proficient in operating the latest equipment designed for cleaning and clearing drains. Their services include drain inspection, rootering, excavation, replacement, snaking and hydro jetting and they also take care of large or small drains.

Drains present various types of problems, some of which include – tree roots stuck in drain pipes, clogged showers or tubs and backed up drains.

One of the most common problems people face with their drainage systems are those related with clogged drains and most times they do not know how to identify the exact symptoms of the problem. Here are some pointers.

Signs of a clogged drain-

– If water returns back instead of going down the sink

– If water inside your toilet bowl bubbles when you run the sink

– If water is accumulating around the shower drain, then drains out slowly

– If there is a smell of rotten food coming from the sink drain in the kitchen, etc.

– If water gathers on the floor near the sink

– If you hear gurgling sounds in the drains after you run your dishwater or washing machine

To clean the drains, several steps and methods are taken for it to be effective.

– Drain Camera Inspection

To ascertain the exact cause of a blockage in the drains, it is good to use modern drain cameras. With this method, a CCTV drain camera is used and provides an accurate description of the cause of the problem. The advantage of using this method is that it eliminates every for of guesswork and identifies the exact problem. In the past, diagnosing drain blockage problems used to be very difficult and for minor problems to be handled, plumbers needed to dismantle the entire plumbing system.

The introduction of drain cameras helps eliminate this.

Before this can be used, it is important that the plumbing system is understood. This system in the past has helped identify damaged pipes and several other hidden problems which the eyes can’t see from the surface.

– Drain Snaking

The common problem of most drain pipes is that of clogging and this affects both commercial and residential areas. One of the most effective methods of cleaning up drains is drain snaking.

There are innovative equipment in the market used to unclog problematic drains.

Drain snaking is achieved by inserting a long steel wire down the drain pipes. It is powered by electric which pushes the wire into the drain clearing up its contents. It is used for toilet drain snaking. Most toilet drains get clogged because of solid debris in the pipes. This can cause the toilet to overflow onto the floor and this is very untidy. This can be solved by drain snaking to remove every blockage.

You can drain snake your laundry, bathtub, toilet, sewer drains. This is done in a few minutes.


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